• 1 Jumbo Foam Die
  • 1 30 Second Sand Timer
  • 25 Star Tokens
  • ​48 Action Cards
    (16 Find It, 16 Act It, 16 Do It)

Combines charades, a scavenger hunt and exercise in

one fun, fast paced game that the whole family will love!

Movez  is a fun, interactive game for kids 3-93!  Roll the dice, pick a card then either find it, act it, or do it before the time runs out!  The action cards are designed to get kids moving in a fun way!


MSRP $19.95

  • Movez is a unique, educational game!
  • Gets everyone up and moving!
  • Encourages Critical Thinking!
  • Helps Teach Colors, Shapes, Letters
    ​and Textures
  • Helps Improve Coordination and
    ​Motor Skills!
  • ​Fun for the Whole Family!