Brush Your Hair and Teeth
Go Potty
Get Dressed
Free Time
Take Care of the Pets
Eat Lunch
Eat Dinner
Eat Breakfast
Do Your Homework
Help With the Dishes
Put Dirty Clothes in the Hamper
Clear the Table
Clean Your Room
Brush and Floss
Go to Bed on Time
5 blank labels

Tasks included are:

Get Up on Time
Water the Plants
Wash Your Face
Eat Your Veggies
Put Your Things Away
Take a Shower
Take Your Medicine or Vitamin
Put on Your Shoes and Coat
Set the Table
Get to School on Time
Reading Time
Put on Your PJ’s
Pack Your Lunch
Pack Your Backpack
Nap TIme 
Clean Your Mess
Make Your Bed

Lay Out Your Clothes



Supplemental Packs Available for Your I Can Do It! My Daily Checklist: (sold separately)

Blanks, replacement stars and additional chores, tasks and behaviors so your chart can grow with your child!

The "I Can Do It!" Daily Checklist is our most versatile chart yet! It not only helps remind kids of daily responsibilities but it can also be used to reinforce chores and improve problem behaviors. Just as for adults, a daily planner or a to-do list helps kids stay organized. The "I Can Do It!" Daily Checklist is easy to use and guaranteed to help your child become more responsible and self-reliant. This is a great tool for parents to teach kids to manage their time and provide structure to their daily routine.  A little incentive goes along way and our reward stars help motivate kids to stay on task and develop healthy habits from an early age.

Like our "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart, our daily checklist comes with reward stars that kids love to earn. The checklist also comes with a variety of 35 different daily activities with colorful pictures to correspond with the task, making easy to understand what is expected. It also comes with five blank stickers in case you need to create one of your own.

In addition to the 35 tasks that come with this chart, there are supplemental packs available (sold separately) including additional behaviors, chores, Christian living, developmental milestones, kindergarten readiness, and character education. There are over 100 tasks to choose from so this chart can be adapted to meet the needs of your household and grow with your child!


        *One Chart with Magnetic Strips and  Hang tabs

        *Dry Erase Marker and Clip

        *18 Reusable Plastic Stars

         *35 Plastic Squares with colorful task Pictures

         *5 Blank stickers (to create your own task)

         *Easy to use instructions


​MSRP $24.95

I Can Do It! My Daily Checklist